Expansion, Both Physical and Conceptual

It is a time of change here at DKM Studios, and change is good. We’ve found some like-minded partners in the city and we’re joining forces to expand what we do and where we do it. Here are some of the changes happening right now:

1 – Studio redesign and build: construction is now underway to pimp out the studio with a big, bad vocal and foley booth and to provide a much needeed refresh of the look and feel. Pics coming soon!

2 – Our services will be expanding to include guitar repair and maintenance. How great will it be to record and have your instruments set up in the same place?

3 – We’re expanding our video/film production services in a big way. Talks are underway to establish a permanent partnership with new production company Hi-Fy Studios.


More to come on these events as they unfold. Stay tuned!

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